Sync v2 isn't working

I tried to sync from my desktop to mobile but nothing is syncing

You should read your statement again and start considering how the other person is supposed to help you with the information you provided.
For starters, what desktop and mobile are you using? Windows? Mac? Android? iPhone?
Even better, what version numbers?

Windows 10 64 bit and Android

Which Brave version that you have @Naveen?

You’ll need Brave v.1.12.x for both desktop and Android.

v.1.12.x is still rolling out for Android. So you’ll receive an update from Play Store in coming days.

Oh I see, I know the new version isn’t yet out for android but I didn’t know I need v.1.12.x on my android to sync it

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Ok i’ve got this problem , i clicked on sync got the text (didn’t copy it ,because i thought i’ll sync it later), and now when i click again on the “Start using sync” i just get a blank page, Windows 10 latest, [Version 1.12.112 Chromium: 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Can you tell that to the people in charge of your FAQ web pages? This implies clearly that it is available for Android already, and coming for iOS. You’re wasting our time when we try to Sync with incompatible versions (I can only get v1.11.xx at the moment).

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It’s indeed available for Android. But the process in play store take times. :point_up:

Also mentioned in the announcement that Android user will need v1.12.x

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