Sync V2 does sync at all on 1.12 macOS

I was able to sync from one phone 1.19 ( to another phone (same app version), but when entered code on macOS 1.12.112 nothing will sync. I did restart Brave and deleted all open tabs, removed Brave by drug and drop from Applications folder to Trash and install again (previous one bookmark was there and all options in Synch checked in). Also reimported the code and left only Bookmarks (default option checked in), still nothing

As a suggestion, trim whitespace after last word in the code, in case someone copy paste

I also can see some data was pulled in Little Snitch

Should it uncheck all tabs when uncheck “Synch everything” ?

Because it’s two different Sync version, which is completely different.

iOS is still using Sync v1 while desktop and Android is using Sync v2.

iOS support for Sync v2 is coming later.

Got it, do you know ETA for iOS ?

No ETA at this time – the Sync v2 update is currently being held up by the Apple app store. Apologizes for the inconvenience – we’ll be sure to inform everyone as soon as we are able to push that update.

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