Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.)

Waiting 30+ minutes for sync to fix itself definitely did not work here.

  • I just deleted the sync chain again (hey, I’m pretty proficient with that by now :wink: )
  • I manually deleted the history from all devices but one
  • I created a new sync chain from the device with the history still enabled

… and NOW it is working again and syncing history, too.

Edit: … and it’s broken again:

With the new sync chain that I made just 4 hours ago history syncing stopped working about 2 hours later.
History gets synced to the exact same point on all devices and then just stopped syncing - both ways.

Open tabs still sync within seconds.

brave://sync-internals/ are all green on all devices and show
"Status from Last Completed Session Sync Source | PERIODIC"
but no history gets synced.

There is absolutely no way I ran into the 26k limit either.

Edit2: Another 3 hours later … history sync suddenly decided to start working again. :expressionless:

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So, the limit for history is 26k, if we hit that, our history sync will stop working but other sync will continue working?

Considering how less number of bookmarks and autofills I have, my sync mainly stops working due to history sync, but I love to have history sync between my devices. Hope they can delete older data if we hit the limit or provide us option to delete them, so we don’t face any issue with it.

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Nah, not to my understanding. What they are saying is in the past it was a joint limit for all sync, so we could easily hit large numbers of history and once that total limit was reached we’d no longer have passwords or anything sync. Now our History is restricted to only 26k entries, where anything beyond that should get deleted/replaced.

And of course in the changes, they isolated the other types more so it can make sure history won’t interfere with things like passwords or bookmarks again.

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I’m delete chain, create new and enable only bookmarks, passwords, extensions and sttinds.
Looks like everything is working.
I’ll watch for a couple of weeks

I also reported this on github: today history sync worked for about 2 hours and then stopped working about 5h ago and still isn’t working again.

Everything in sync-internals is ok/green/sync: periodic.
Other items seems to sync just fine.
I did NOT run into the 26k limit - this is a fresh chain from yesterday which is definitely <1000 items.

And it was clarified, you were right.

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Ah that’s sad. So, until the devs manage to automatically delete the oldest data, I’ll need to frequently delete sync chain to maintain history sync. ;-;

Perhaps, I know @clifton, @Alexey, and others are working on it. I would think it would just automatically delete the oldest or something. I’m trying to kind of keep track of the conversations going on at the Github and elsewhere to know what they are doing.

I’m not sure what the final goal is on their tweaking the sync. I’d hope it would be to do something to prevent it ever from being able to hit maximum objects and then no longer syncing. Kind of a weird design they have going on.

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