Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.)

We increased objects limits to 85k and decreased history entry expiration interval to 14 days .


Alexey If your Sync-Internals are already in a “Backed Off” phase, do you need to leave the Sync chain, delete history, and start a new one?

Bookmark Syncing should in my opinion NEVER fail. It is extremely annoying how often this happens. I can deal with history sync fails, but this issue has really taken up a ton of my time.


Hi all,

Further to my previous message, yesterday I noticed that almost all my Synchronization Settings were set to Off. Since I forced myself to reactivate all the settings, I’ve been able to regain full synchronization activity.


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im still on the phase of “Backed off” and out of sync on my devices. i started a new sync cycle , nothing changed. any suggestions?

Alexy, in my BbA 1.65.96beta, Sync v2 is an unavailable Experiment. my Sync also fails to load any Devices in the same Sync chain. my sync-internals showed “everything” backed-off. i was never literally syncing Everything & i’m no where close to 50k or even 80k objects.

when i removed device from Sync & attempted re-join by text, i got a non-sensical “deprecated” sync falure, but when i used QR to re-join, that took. now, Get Initial Update fails w/ HTTP 401.

Sync is still broken…

please advise.

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ok so is there any manual fix for this? I am trying to sync for a month now after every brave browser update message, and it’s not working. I am ready to try a new sync chain.

do i have to purge my history or something?

broken sync is a critical bug, why isn’t it getting any more attention from brave team?

if the length of the history is the issue, then perhaps a warning and confirmation that anything older than 70,000 objects will be purged to allow for new objects to be sync’d is the sensible solution?

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This is seriously getting ridiculous. Approaching 5 months with broken sync. Do we need to try bribes?


For me this issue started probably after couple of weeks of using Brave. At first I didn’t notice it, then I couldn’t find some new bookmarks I added on different device. Then the history from other devices was missing, but I thought it just takes more time. Today I decided to dig deeper and realized I had the same issue everyone mentions here.

For me, even the 85k quota for objects is not enough

        "error_message": "There are already 85000 non-deleted objects in store",
        "response_type": "OVER_QUOTA"

I could re-create the chain, but if this is issue with quote, there needs to be some garbage colletor or some mechanism to keep the sync history below this quote automatically. I am afraid that if I put all the work to recreate the chain, after some time I will hit this quota again.

I switch between my computer and a laptop constantly so this has been a huge pain. Seeing it has not been fixed for months will ultimately mean switching to a different browser for me.

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Could this issue be linked with

I’m also having 504 error and im unable to restore my passwords, extensions etc,

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this is so bad for me. nothing syncing even after trying to restart sync chain without history

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Yeah, it’s a well-confirmed issue for months now and nothing except a bandaid that doesn’t really work.


how is one of the worst bugs to ever plague this browser getting no traction?


maybe it’s time to switch to something else.

any suggestions?

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