Sync - settings ... well make it ALL the settings please

when I sync to a new device, Sync works fine, but it’s incomplete.
I always have to go through all the pages and verify all the settings because a lot of them are not synced like :
New tab page shows
Show Brave News/Rewards/Wallet/Slide button / Show VPN button
Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar - locations
Use wide address bar
Always show full URLs
Show the number of blocked items on the Shields icon
Allow Facebook logins and embedded posts
Allow X (previously Twitter) embedded tweets
Don’t allow sites to send notifications
Automatically send diagnostic reports
None of the settings from Leo
Warn me before closing window with multiple tabs

And I always have to open another synced device to compare because I don’t do this every day, but still is very anoying and a lot of work.
Cand you aslo include these in the Sync - Settings - group ?

I use like 4 browsers for different things, it would be awesome to the same experience on all my devices including mobile - with the sync, ALL on Brave.

I forgot to specify an important thing, some of my browsers are on Windows and some on Linux…sry
I had similar problems on Firefox sync many years ago and they fix it afterwards