Sync Rewards payouts into single user account

Can my rewards include all my devices in a single rewards account (showing me a breakdown per device), one single Contribution policy, and have a single link to my UpHold?

How do I set that up?

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Hi @p10111,
What do you mean by Contribution policy and single link to Uphold?
If all your wallets are connected to Uphold, they link to the same account.

Yeah - now that I reread, I didn’t explain it very well :slight_smile:
I have a mobile and a desktop Brave browser. I get rewards separately. I had to remember to turn off auto contribute in both cases. I have 2 different “Estimated rewards”

And since I don’t have 25 BAT in my Mobile brave, I can’t send any to UpHold. They are just in limbo.

It’s as if my I had different accounts at the same bank with different payment rules and balances depending on what device I use to log in.

Is that clearer?

@p10111, thank you for going into more detail. I understand.
Yes, we know 25 BAT minimum is not ideal and we’re working on that.
But to let you know, in the future when you do connect your Android - i.e. when both wallets are connected to Uphold, their balances will sync. i.e. you should see the same wallet balance on both devices. And they will link to the same card on Uphold.
Also, during payouts you would get two different payments, unfortunately you won’t be able to see which device it’s coming from but you will see two incoming transactions.
The pending/estimated rewards will still not sync.
I like the idea of syncing things like auto contribute - in that case, I’ll tag this topic as a feature request!


I realize that once I’m able to connect my mobile to UpHold it will connect to the same account. (That;'s gonna take about a year at the rate you let me earn on my mob but that’s another issue.)

What I’m talking about is BAT EARNING. I am one person - I should be a single Brave user regardless of how many devices I use it on. One profile. One set of access creds. One set of multi-device brower features (wherever they may be in the future). By the same token I should be a single Rewards Earner regardless of how many devices I earn on.

But One set of auto-contribute rules is a start :slight_smile:

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