Sync / rewards have i done this correctly? BAT showing different, cant verify account


Main computer is a macbook, have been using brave for around 6 months, have verified rewards account with gemini so my rewards go there.

Need a windows laptop for a course I’m doing, so i installed brave on there, used the sync phrases from the macbook and it seems right


a) the brave rewards balance is different, is this just brave rewards per instance? if so not an issue

b) MORE IMPORTANTLY - the windows machine will not let me verify with gemini, says that it can only verify in certain regions and my current one is not supported.

I am uk based. The macbook works fine… so not sure whats happening!

ERM help? what happens if i cant verify the rewards on the windows machine, how do i get the BAT?

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a) Brave rewards are not synched. They are independent wallets. Your mac and your windows have their own wallets.

b) Currently Gemini is limited to US users. Your mac will keep sending the rewards to Gemini. But your windows will not be able to link to Gemini. Keep accumulating rewards in your windows until Gemini is supported again in UK.

But the mac is in the UK as well… is it new accounts cant be linked but old remain so?

can i send the BAT from the windows pc to gemini ?

Correct, the limitation applies to new accounts only.

You cannot send from an unverified wallet. Either you open an account with Uphold, or you have to wait until Gemini is back in UK.

AH thanks, i cant seem to find withdrawls fees for uphold, ill just leave it as it is

many thanks again


It’s better if you withdraw the BATs to XRP in ledger on Uphold, otherwise the Eth fee is too high…

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