Sync QR code not shown and sync code not working

when I tried to sync my laptop with my mobile

Here are the problems i faced:

  1. there is no option in my mobile that enables me to open camera in my mobile to scan QR code in my laptop. it only shows QR code both in my mobile and my laptop but not shown a way to scan the QR code in either devices.

  1. there is no option in brave browser in my mobile where i would enter sync code displayed on my laptop

  1. when I tried to enter sync code displayed on my mobile to my laptop, it does not work, it is showing the “sync code is invalid”. i copied code from my mobile and pasted in my laptop, the problem was only 23 words are recognised

  2. In Brave browser in my laptop, there is no option to scan QR code displayed on my mobile using laptop’s camera

You have made two separate chains as I can see. When you go to settings on mobile → Sync → Delete sync chain

Now on laptop go to sync → Delete sync account

After deleting it in laptop

Create new sync chain - Add a Phone/Tablet → Laptop should show a code.

Now on phone go to sync → Scan or enter sync code → Scan qr code on laptop.

I think this should solve the issue.

As for the 23 word issue. I am pretty sure that sync phrase has been 24 words always or atleast for a long time now. Heck, it’s been 25 word actually for a year or two too I guess.

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i tried it, i can only see QR code to scan but not a way to scan the QR code by opening camera

i go to brave browser :arrow_right: settings :arrow_right: sync :arrow_right: add new device :arrow_right: add a computer , after clicking on “add a computer” there cubes two options to choose either QR code (QR code displayed) or sync code

if I want to use QR code, there is only QR code but not an button given that enables me to open camera to scan QR code

Did you delete the sync chain on phone ?

Please follow steps listed on my first post on the topic and it should solve it

You seem to have created two sync chains again.

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If you are already in a sync chain on mobile. You can delete it by removing brave from recents → relaunching brave and then going to sync settings and then delete sync accout. Once deleted, you’ll get a screen similar to

Select Scan or enter sync code → Scan code will appear → Allow brave permission to use camera

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@vishwanthS Issue if you created different sync chains on each device. So you need to remove one of them from sync chain they are in. @SmartyAadi essentially helped you with it, but otherwise you can also view details at links below: