Sync problems and BAT count at 0!

Hello, I have been installing Brave for about a week, both on my home / work PC and on my mobile phone, but I have encountered the following problems:

  • it is not possible to synchronize between mobile and notebook;
  • I have already clicked on dozens of ads proposed by the browser, but my counter is always stopped at 0.

I await your advice, Thanks Massimo

  • Sync is temporarily disabled. Some information can be found here Sync greyed out

  • Are you sure it’s Brave Ads? Just want to make sure. Because Brave Ads is appears as system notification. Also, you may encounter this one Brave Ads not properly counted

Are you sure you’re clicking Brave Ads? Brave Ad Notification looks something like this.


Is this what you’ve been clicking?

Ok for Sync…thanks.
Sure it’s Brave Ads: now i’ve activated IPFS Companion and it’s ok…was this the problem?

thanks Massimo

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