Sync Passwords Across Multiple Devices

Password syncing across devices is paramount for a browser, otherwise we are going backwards.

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Where can I subscribe to get notified when this is fixed so that I can start using Brave browser?

To the devs: well done thus far. As mentioned previously by @merlaux , I definitely don’t want to rush password syncing.

That being said, the solution most in line with Brave’s current features would seem to be end-to-end encryption with forward secrecy across devices. This would avoid any possession of user info by brave servers, maintain security in transit, enable pushing password updates in real time, and build on the existing sync strategy. Granted, this may be exactly what devs are planning- it’s easier said that done, and would be a first for a browser to my limited knowledge.

Keep up the good work!

Another +1 to keep this thread current and on Brave’s short list.

I’m trying Bitwarden now so I can at least temporarily deal with this shortcoming.

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I will INSTANTLY go back to using Brave once password sync is implemented. Until then, I have to stick with Chrome.

Put me down as another for password sync. It’s a core usability function for how we use devices today.

This is really too bad. I was fully converted (and was such a proponent for others to try this) but I’m about to abandon Brave again, for the 2nd time. Strictly because of the password and bookmarking sync issues.

If Brave can’t offer password syncing across devices, it’s a complete dealbreaker. Really a shame because I was so happy to be using something I felt was a fundamental improvement on the web.

Definitely also password sync could be BUT at the same time would be nice to suggest to use special apps like Bitwarden or similar to sync passwords securely. Unless Brave do not revamp credentials storage in a very secure manner that there is a good idea after all to store credentials in web browser, Brave particularly. Generally it is a very bad idea to store credentials in browser as it is not securely built.

I hate to say it, but after getting really excited about Brave, installing it on no less than half-a-dozen different desktops and laptops, getting the sync chain going, and NEARLY telling everyone I know about it…I realize there’s no password syncing…and I have to go. Brave, call me back when you’ve got your act together. I mean no disrespect–I appreciate all you’ve done. But you aren’t ready for prime-time yet. TTYL

+1 this is a deal breaker for me… been using brave on my laptop happily while away from home for 4 months… now im back home with my pc too and see i cant sync passwords… im having to switch back to chrome today. will come back when this is sorted.