Sync Passwords Across Multiple Devices

This is literally a deal breaker. I’m quite shocked to find out that brave doesn’t allow this. How can millions of people use something without password sync. That just… blows my mind and doesn’t even compute. I love this browser. It does everything I want and it’s safe and I love the ad blocking. But for the love of pete… if you can’t add passwords to sync then no one can use your browser.


I agree, Password Sync is critical.

Please let us know if this is on the roadmap. If not, I don’t see how the browser can grow.

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+1 for password sync
This is indeed a deal breaker.
I’ve just installed Brave on 3 devices, only to find out passwords are not synced.
Going to keep it installed, but have to go back to Chrome as this is simply going to be a daily annoyance.

Re security: I do not use the integral password manager for critical sites.
But my local online grocery store, forum logins and my Pocket Casts account password, for example - these all should be synced so I can easily access them from my mobile phone without having to launch KeePass there.

If there is anything the community can do to help accelerate password sync - please let us know. Would be happy to assist.


I was going to use Brave, used it for a day, loved it… until I notice it dosent sync password. I do use random password everywhere… so it’s a “no go” for me without this feature.

Sign up for and use LastPass. It works with brave and it syncs your passwords across all devices and it’s super secure. Millions of folks use LastPass and I switched to it for brave and it’s genius. Including a built in random password / strong password generator for new websites.

I just realized I wouldn’t feel confident with password syncing that goes through a cloud or commercial service (no matter if it’s point to point encrypted, I don’t like the idea of uploading a list a passwords to a server I don’t own).

Of course I need to keep my passwords in sync, but, fortunately my need is mainly related to desktops, and so I can follow the CSV export/import procedure described here without needing to use any cloud nor third-party service.

This procedure is not friendly with my iOS devices, but I completely dislike mobile devices and try to minimize their use, so it’s not that inconvenient to me.

Brave is a great tool for privacy, so any kind of password management must be extremely secure and way deep into the paranoid side.

Secure and native password sync needs to be a higher priority as it is crucial for usability. I had my parents using Brave until they recently switched browsers to have their passwords back when using another device.

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Brave is awesome, but I do suffer from lack of sync as well. Even Firefox can sync now, leaving Brave as a little browser kid trying to be cool, but can’t. Seriously, please guys, make it truly sync passwords, addresses, cards and extensions.

For password sync I’ve started only just with Remembear, but it’s not for free.
Works fine with multiple pc and my android phone though…

Just found out about Brave yesterday and I’m super excited for its future. However, I was holding off recommending Brave to everyone I know just in case I found something that was really lacking, and well, here it is. The syncing is terrible right now. As far as I can tell, it’s just bookmarks.

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I think this can be merged with other sync requests,
Passwords, Home Pins/Bookmarks, Open Tabs, Settings, History.

I’ve tested a few external password managers and can fully recommend

It supports the Autofill and as a user of Windows+Mac+iPhone+Android I love it.

One can export all passwords from Chrome to Bitwarden and then disable built-in password saving.

Less complicated crypto sync code in Brave -> profit.

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+1 Full sync is the only thing keeping me from switching from edge

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It is important to have the sync, but it need to be done in the most cautious way. For instance, the password sync chain need to be estabilished with prompting public key fingerprint, and the data packets need to transferred P2P instead of through server. Basically even the encrypted passwords should not ever exist on cloud.

This is probably the missing feature that would attract the most users once implemented.
Can’t you have anything simple to start from, that does not depend on implementing your own syncing mechanism? If so, the user could rely on his own syncing mechanism (Syncthing for example), to synchronize a folder containing his complete profile (favorites, addons, passwords, settings…). Of course this data would be encrypted.

I can thing of a series of steps like:
Inside brave, click on Users->Add existing->From file

  • “Please enter passphrase”: user passphrase

Doesn’t it make sense?

This is what sometimes makes me think of going back to Chrome… I love Brave, I’ll give it more time to develop, but they really need to work on this. Otherwise just the BATs and build in ad-blocker aren’t going to keep me here.

It can be really frustrating if I want to login to a website where I use a randomly generated password and I cannot log in because my laptop Brave passwords are not synced with my Desktop Brave passwords… :confused:

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Absolutely need this feature. I found this thread after just trying out Brave and tried in on my Android phone with the sync… only to realize it doesn’t sync passwords. At least Opera syncs passwords between my desktop computers and laptop, even if the Android app fails at it.

Brave feels like a good idea but I agree with others that if it lacks that feature it feels like a step backwards.

I support this. There isn’t even the option to import passwords that were exported from desktop.

I just want the bookmark sync to work. Not against this but I hope the bookmark syncing gets fixed.

It’s the only reason for me not to completely move to Brave: Password-Sync is a must have in these days…

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