Sync: Option "I have a sync code" not available on my devices

i have several devices, but have failed in my attempts to sync just my Windows 10Pro and my IPad.

I use my iPad most frequently, so herein are the majority of my Bookmarks, etc.

When I attempt to link the two above devices, both fight for dominance in the sync. Both show as the only options: “View Sync Code” and “Add New Device.”

Neither device gives me the option, “I have a sync code.”

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Brave on my desktop several times, since i have nothing to lose as far as bookmarks, etc. But I do not want to uninstall and reinstall on my iPad since this Brave app has many bookmarks I don’t want to lose.

In my case, what is my sync solution? I don’t know where to go from here.

Thank you.

I have the same problem on the version I downloaded today on my new Win11 machine.

All the community help shows a screenshot with “i have a sync code” but that is not on either of my devices.

Also, can someone say what the heck a device already on the sync chain means? If this is first time we’re syncing 2 devices - neither or both are on the chain? which is it???

It means you created a Sync chain rather than trying to add it to an existing one. It’s very easy to hit the wrong button and do this, especially if people are distracted or trying to rush through it.

Did you check out the post below?

I really appreciate your reply, but that still doesn’t tell me what a sync chain is. I have a new laptop that I just loaded Brave onto. There is not page to Start a Sync Chain. I’ve gone through it from both the smartphone end and the new laptop end several times and some up empty. Also, how can this brand new device with a new load of Brave have a Sync Chain?

The things I currently want to sync are my smartphone and other laptop to this new laptop. Those 2 things are synced to each other. Does 1 or both have a chain? It’s a baffling unintuitive term. In sync on my phone, wouldn’t I see the other laptop and vice versa? Are they a chain? Does only one have a chain?

If they are synced together using Brave’s sync, then they are on a “sync chain.” People say chain because multiple devices are linked together and you can add more, which is a "chain’ of devices. Such as my sync chain is below:


When you go to Sync in a new profile, such as when you first installed the browser, it will look something like below:

A lot of people automatically click Start a new Sync Chain. But you only do that on one device. Then on all the others, you have to hit I have a Sync Code.

If you hit Start a new Sync Chain on 2 different devices, then you end up with two separate chains with different sync codes. As a result, those two devices can’t be synced together unless you remove it from the chain it is on. Then you would enter the code from other device and they’d be linked, where data is shared between them.

That’s a better explanation than Brave gives.

It’s their terminology that’s illogical. Sounds to me like the choices should be 1) start a new sync chain or 2) add device to an existing sync chain… “I already have a code” is not at all intuitive.

We set these things up so infrequently. I’ve had 3 devices synced for a couple of years. Now I’m adding a 4th. “I already have an existing chain” or “add this device to existing chain” would be somewhat intuitive. "I already have a code " is not and sounds like I came in in the middle of the process.

So I don’t think it’s that people do this in a rush, it’s that the cues don’t make sense.

Now if I can get my new device to show the screen for adding to a new chain, I should be good.

Your responses got me to the solution - that you for that!

But even the initial Sync page (now that I found it, which is also hard to do once you’ve passed it) has nearly zero instructions for someone not already very familiar with the process.