Sync on IOS is not working

Keep us updated.
Generally it stops after 1 or 2 days.

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I have same issues - full details in post here: Post in “For well over a month now sync is completely broken iOS devices - plus other bugs with sync on iOS too. (iOS) If you have iOS please can you read

Same for me since iOS 15 and spanning iOS and Windows 10. Sync has been the Achilles heel of Brave since I’ve known the browser, which is almost 3 years. In all that time I think it may have worked for a year, and iOS seems to be last on the developer care list. If sync is vital to your operations, I would recommend a different method or browser until this is permanently resolved. Like others I’m at a stage where I question my preference for this browser. Others have reliable syncing, it’s becoming unbearable.


Same. But for iOS and Mac OS (!) Bookmarks Sync seemed to work for a while and then zip. And nary a word from the dev side. Also tempted to go back to Google. It’s that bad.

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See my latest post in For well over a month now sync is completely broken iOS devices - plus other bugs with sync on iOS too. (iOS) If you have iOS please can you read - I have found a possible workaround.

If it fails as noted in that post I will ditch Brave and change to the new Safari, and use iCloud sync to Firefox on my PC for that one non-Apple device I have.

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after updating to 1.34 today my sync is now working again :grinning:

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sorry, i spoke to soon.

its synced once when opening up for the first time after the update then hasn’t since

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I have exactly the same problem. My bookmarks sync perfectly between my Xubuntu desktop and my Mac laptop, but they don’t sync to my iPhone. I have to remove the iPhone from the sync chain and add it again to get bookmarks to sync. Is anybody from Brave paying attention to this issue?

Yes they are looking into it

Are they aware of this issue?
I was also thinking of modifying my rating for Brave on App store.
People adopting it should know exactly what is working and what not before they try it.

check out this thread:

I just started using Brave on a PC and notice much better speed and lower CPU usage as compared to Chrome, which I really like! Unfortunately the Sync feature with iOS 15.3 does not bring over all the username/passwords. It appears to get all the bookmarks and only ~30% of the username/pwords. I’m guessing I have ~50 username/pwd combinations to sync.
I’ve made sure to “sync all” and have removed/reinstalled Brave on my iphone to no avail.
Does anyone have a fix for this?

there is no username / password sync on iOS

To my knowledge Brave is the only browser natively capable of blocking youtube commercials? Am i mistaken? Which one does it too without additional plugins? Safari for sure not…?

Hello you all.
I try to replace Google by Brave. I have an issue with synchronisation.
Even if I follow the procedure, from Brave on my Macbook to my Iphone, I cannot synchronize.
The QR code does not appears and, as I said, even if I follow the entire procedure, it does not work. I’d like to have a little help. Many thanks.

It’s being looked at by the devs, no news on a fix right now though

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Hello. Thank you for your reply. I thought it was my fault.
I hope it will work again, because I try to find a reliable solution to replace Google.

for now, Firefox might be a good alternative

Good morning and thank you for your response. I am trying various alternatives.
Unfortunately, I have to continue to use some Google services, such as Drive and Photo.
I have tried many different internet browsers.
I use Mac, so Safari, then Brave, Duckduckgo (IOS only) but I use the plugin, Opera, Edge, Tor and Firefox.
Each browser has its own qualities and flaws.
I actually thought Brave might be the right choice.
Firefox I’ve never loved, since its inception. I always found it too complicated, too many parameters and not very friendly. Obviously it’s a personal opinion.
I see that Brave is not finalized yet, with errors on synchronization and other small defects.
But one thing I didn’t understand: if I use Brave and connect with my Google profile, am I better protected or will I have the same privacy problems as Chrome?
I’m also trying to simplify my internet usage as much as possible.
I got lost over the years with too many browsers, too many email services.
But I can’t seem to find an easy and simple guide line.
I was hoping Brave would be the solution.

privacy settings in google can be changed here: