Sync now working

I am using the Beta and having an issue with sync. I wasn’t on the menu so I did some searching and enabled it manually. Now on the desktop it gives me a QR code yet on my mobile ios app it gives me no option to scan that code. It only gives me a phrase to copy. Am I just waiting for brave sync 2 ?

then try to use the i have a sync code option rather than start a new chain

I don’t see any option like that

check here

I’ve been there. There is no area that says I have a sync code. Same as in mobile. All they do on each device is have a code to give to the other device

can you give me a screenshot or something like that?

all in timing download a real time app

what do you mean? by a real time app?

what do you mean? like the daily builds?

go to brave://flags on ur pc and search for “Enable Brave Sync” and enable then go to brave://sync and then do as it says.

Well this feature was having issues so they removed it but it’s still there in flags and it will only sync for bookmarks so don’t get excited but u can wait for sync2 which will be releasing at the end of July. It will delete the old sync ver. and will enable wallet syncing as main feature.

Hi thanks but I did all that already. Screenshots above show what I see after that is all done

Oh, then it’s good mate. :sweat_smile: :laughing: :+1: :+1:

Dude, the brave it’s telling you to not share that code and you just posted a screenshot of it… :man_facepalming:, you should delete it

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Oh shoot thanks! Can’t believe i was that foolish

Any thoughts? Or should I just wait for the next update?

I tried both the string of words and the QR code, but the QR code seems to not be a QR code currently. I’m getting a string of numbers instead. Even the sync code didn’t work from my phone to my browser. When I try to un-sync my browser on my PC or mobile browser, it fails as well. I don’t even know how to work this anymore.

I have the same issue. I just can’t believe that something basic like sync, that must be easy and practical, gives us so much trouble. Incredible.

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So it’s the end of July now for Sync 2?

We were told 25 days ago it was 2 weeks away.