Sync not working


Sync not working. It acted like it was, but changing bookmarks on one computer messed them all up on the other. I tried to reset both and do it again, but now it only sees one computer in the list.


I wrangle a few machines (desktop and laptop), all with Windows 7, one 32-bit, the others 64-bit. My experience with Brave’s “Sync” feature was similar to yours.

I tried Brave’s Sync option in v0.19.??, perhaps earlier, but no more recently than Oct 2017.

The first Sync operation from a desktop to a laptop more or less worked. “More or less”: only some / not all bookmarks were transferred. Subsequent attempts to update failed.

What I then did: I used Brave’s “Bookmarks | Export Bookmarks…” function to create an HTML file of “source” computer’s bookmarks and cut-and-pasted from this file on the “target” machines. This is clumsy.

What would help make Sync useful:

An unambiguous designation of “source” and “target” is essential.

A short unambiguous selection of options is also essential, including:
copy” is one-way and updates the target to match what’s new / changed on the source; and
exchange” makes source and target match each other, keeping the latest changes on both.


I did the same thing. It put it in an Imported folder which I moved out.


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