Sync not working Windows 11 to Android Xiaomi Phone

Hello, I’m using Brave for more than one year with Windows 10, and tried to sync with my Android Phone using the Qr Code generated at Brave in Windows 11. After reading the Qrcode I received the message on Android screen “LOADING DEVICES …” but nothing happings
I Already uninstalled BRAVE from Android, clean the cache, etc…
And, I did the the process exactly as described here →

Does someone knows to fix that?

Hi @Gucalves

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. On your device, could you kindly go to brave://sync-internals

Once there, you’ll find a button that says Disable Sync (Clear Data)

Click that and it will remove your device from the sync and set it back at the beginning. From there you can add it to the sync again with your QR code or you can just start a new sync chain.

Let us know if that works!


Hi @Alice2095
Woohoo, now it works, thanks for your help


Hey @Gucalves

I’m happy that for now the issue is solved, if you have any additional question or the issue comes back let us know.

Have a great day! :handshake:

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