Sync not working Windows 10 to Android Phone

Hello, I’m using Brave for one year with Windows 10, and tried to sync with my Android Phone using the Qr Code generated at Brave in Windows 10. After reading the Qrcode I received the message LOADING DEVICES … but nothing happings
I Already uninstalled BRAVE from Android, clean the cache, etc…

Does someone knows to fix that?


Among the instructions at:

you may find:

Once you scan the Sync Code, please wait as we connect your devices via Sync Chain. Select ‘OK’ or the ‘X’ close button. You will be taken back to the main Brave Sync page with your devices in the sync chain listed.

So, I am guessing that ‘LOADING DEVICES . . .’ indicates that wherever and whatever is the Brave Sync v2 ‘cloud’ . . . was working at connecting your devices . . . yet, according to your experience, nothing that you expected as a positive result (devices connected / connecting successfully), occurred.


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