Sync not working and i get a blank white screen when i open the browser

Hello i keep getting a blank white screen when i open the browser. I also keep getting disconnected from sync. When i connect back into the sync chain it doesnt stay connected for long before being disconnected again.
I use a iphone SE 2020 running the latest IOS. I think these problems started after updating to the latest IOS.

I have a similar problem with sync. My issue is MacBook browser instructions do not match up to the iPhone version. I cannot find the button “scan sync code”

Same problem here. Since a week or so ago, I get a white page most of the time when I open Brave on my iPhone. Plus the sync is broken too, it automatically exit from the sync chain from time to time.

Please investigate these issues, thanks

Same problem here too

yeah thats exactly the same problems im getting. Hopefully they will sort it out soon

Blank screen be fixed in 1.32.3, please check it out, you may need to go to app store manually to download the update.

White screen fixed in 1.32.3 but not the sync issue. Desktop bookmarks not transferring to my iphone then sync chain deleted with sync is selected in the settings. Have same sync problem with the 1.32.5 beta. However, no sync issues with 1.32.2 on my ipad. Latest os for both.

I still get the white screen in version 1.32.3 ( on my iPad. Sometimes it’s the dark theme version. It can then take up to 12 seconds to load everything. iPadOS 15.1

Update: after restarting the iPad the problem seems to be resolved.

Yes the blank screen is fixed but im still getting disconnected from sync on my iphone & ipad

I was disconnected from sync on my ipad also