Sync issues droid & macbook

Hi, having some issues with sync.

I had synced my 'droid with desktop brave version on my macbook air, Catalina.

  1. On the phone, I saw bookmark folder named “mobile bookmarks”. On the mba, I saw some the bookmarks, but folder name did not say “mobile bookmarks”, it’s just “bookmarks”.

  2. did not see Sync on desktop. had to enable via flags

  3. removed devices from one another, went to re-add phone, scanned QR code. toggled “bookmark”, desktop crashed

  4. although I had DT set to ‘save where I left off’, after updating and reopening, new tab opened, no previous tabs shown.

  5. on DT, sync shows droid. on phone, sync does not show mba.

good news, seems saved bookmarks from phone are showing on DT, but,

why does it not name it ‘mobile bookmarks’ anymore?

why does mba not appear in mobile sync page?

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