Sync Issue with the IT HelpDesk web tool using Brave Browser

Hello Community, I am System Admin works in IT department. we uses the Helpdesk web tool to address the users query in company wide. i have been using Mozilla since many years and now have been switched to Brave looking at its features. everything looks spectacular in brave perhaps I am not able see the Sync between two tabs while using Helpdesk web version on Brave browser. which is working fine in Mozilla and so.

to understand more about the issue… consider i have two tabs open of Brave Browser and in one tab i have list of bunch of tickets open from our users and i right click on one of the ticket and open it in another tab. ill make some changes to ticket like to change the ticket status as under user feedback mode or something but these changes are not reflecting in other tab which i am holding with list of tickets. when it instantly happen with Mozilla and Chrome. to get these changes in tickets i have to click on refresh button which is listed on top of the bar or have to go back and forth which is very time consuming as these will discards the applicable filters in helpdesk web tool and displays the dashboard. these little annoying coz i am primarily uses Brave Browser or any other Browser for HelpDesk web tool access. it will be life changing if you could able to address the issue ASAP.

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