Sync is missing from settings IPhone Pro Max

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Description of the issue:
Just upgrade to iPhone Pro Max and sync is missing I went to laptop and saw my device was removed from sync but it tells me to go to settings on phone and sync but it’s not there. I have sync pass phrase and QR but useless if I cannot find the link

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for Sync
  3. Keep Searching
  4. And Searching
  5. And …

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.19.2 (

Mobile Device details
IPhone 11 Pro Max
Additional Information:

Desktop Browser v 1.12.114

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Sync has been removed by Brave beginning with version 1.19.2.

You are in a thread about a sync issue. Please open a new thread for your specific issue.

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This post, which appears to be a formal announcement, also appears especially minimalistic unless I’m missing something.

When a prominent feature is removed, we want to know: (1) why; (2) whether removal is only temporary (in this particular case); and (3) if sync is coming back to iOS, when it’s reappearance is predicted.

Since I see neither these questions addressed nor asked by others, I’m led, again, to wonder what I’m missing.

Thanks to anyone who fills me in.

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Took way too much digging to find this

@exparte @djpogoff,
When we did disable Sync initially (months ago), we made an announcement on all of our socials explaining the situation that was pinned to the top of Community for quite some time:

When Sync v2 was back on the rails moving down the release pipeline, we did the same thing with the following post(s), explaining where we were at and what to expect and included a disclaimer at the very top of the Sync article on our Help Center:

Then, once v2 was released official, we made an announcement and update the Help Center article:

Now at the top of the Sync doc on our Help Center, the first thing you see is:

Apologies if you all had trouble finding the information.

Most users won’t visit Brave community regularly just to check for announcements. They just use Brave.

It would have been easy to inform users within the browser that the next update will disable sync. Users then would have had the opportunity to not update.

But Brave decided to not do anything like this. Brave also decided to drop the beta tag on sync fully knowing that it was highly unstable. Brave also cannot or don’t want to tell users when they can expect sync 2 be available on iOS.

Sorry Brave, but you have handled all of this extremely poorly.

I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean here. Either way I don’t think bickering about it is going to help anything. We appreciate you feedback and are always trying to improve our communication with our users (just as with our product). Please open another thread if you have any further questions or concerns.