Sync favorites across all devices (note; not bookmarks, specifically favorites)

Brave does not seem to sync favorites across devices. Favorites are the sites that you can place on the new tab page and that can be accessed when typing in the URL bar on the mobile app (so no, I do not mean bookmarks, I’m aware that these do sync). When I add favorites on the Brave browser app on my iPhone, they do not show up on the desktop, and vice versa.

I think it would be a great addition to the user experience if there was an option for this in the sync settings. The perk of these favorites is that these are immediately displayed as ‘large buttons’ when opening the browser, so it’s by far the quickest way of navigating to my most used sites. It’s a bit tedious that I now have to add all my favorite sites on my phone, personal laptop, work laptop and PC.

Just FYI, this is something they are working on. Big issue is that they all work different. On Android it was/is Top Sites, on iOS it’s Favorites, etc. These all were kind of marked different and the coding annoying. It’s essentially how it arrived to Brave. They did announce that this is something they are tweaking and hoping to have all be able to sync in the future. No specific timeline for that though.