Sync EVERYTHING from Chrome. (Passwords)



I am looking to finally move over to Brave as my main browser, however, I’d like to be able to sync over passwords I have stored within Chrome.

I have, had-a-Google and found a couple of posts on here that said the feature was coming in January, although, I haven’t found anymore if the feature has been implemented?

I have run the import from Brave, but this only imported by bookmarks/cookies/history which doesn’t really help me at all… Or even if a ‘Google Sync’ can be implemented to sign into your Google account to sync the data across.

Thanks for any suggestions/advice given, in advance.

Sync passwords across devices in addition to existing data

So I’ve actually found the solution to my own question…I started by installing LastPass as an extension on Chrome, you will also need to install the binary for LastPass as well (.exe) once signed up & signed in you’ll be able to import entries from the Google Chrome Password Manager. You can then use the LastPass extension within Brave, this will then use all of your passwords from Chrome. And… Bingo! Problem solved.

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