Sync Error in Brave Beta 1.38.83

When I enter the Sync option on the Android phone (Galaxy S21, Android 12):

a) “LOADING DEVICES…” keeps appearing, and it never ends;

b) When entering the “data preference” option in Brave Beta 1.38.83, 2 messages appear:

Continue as %1$s
It’s not %1$s

Even trying to enter one of the options, it doesn’t work.

OBS: I get a message that the synchronization is not working.

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Hello @mouraee,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue, but this is for sure a wrong behavior.
It seems there was some error with connection to server.

Could you please provide the screenshot of brave://sync-internals/ page? It contains some technical information which may help to understand why it happened.

I hope the OP doesn’t mind my piggybacking on this thread, but I’m having the exact same problem on a Pixel 3a (Android 11) and the latest Brave from the Play Store. I’ve attached the screenshot from brave://sync-internals, in case that might help.

thank you @bloovis , this helps. I am not sure what exactly happened, but it is related to setting the encryption passphrase during sync setup. I am looking on it now.


The problem seems to have been related to my attempt to scan the sync code using the camera. When I enter the sync code words manually, sync works correctly. But first I had to stop the existing faulty sync by going to brave://sync-internals and touching the “Disable Sync (Clear Data)” button.

Thanks, this is interesting. Basically, the way to setup sync with words or with QR code should be the same. Right now words contain the secret phrase in direct way, but QR contains the json with hex-encoded secret phrase and validTill field. I am re-checking that now.

It’s possible I didn’t scan the code correctly. I found the interface quite confusing. There was text overlaid on top of the view of the scan code, making it hard to aim the camera accurately. Also, I didn’t see a button that I had to press to say “this is the scan code”. Eventually the code seemed to have been scanned automatically, but then in a few seconds the errors mentioned above appeared. In any case, there was no way to stop the erroneous attempt to sync other than using sync-internals as I mentioned.

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It should not happened anymore, because we have refactored the QR code generation on Desktop and Android: .