Sync does not "sync/work" >>> 2015 MacBook Air to connect to an iPhone 7plus ... !?

… hello, dear brave-TEAM*

As I am “re-TRYing!” my best (( several attempts )) … to “sync” my MacBook Air with my iPhone 7plus - PLEASE HELP … -_- …

I got so far … :

  • mac installment of/with brave browser is working fine + already "connencted to uphold_tranfering BAT to uphold works as well.

  • the brave browser + collecting BAT via my iPhone 7 works.

  • MacBook Air: As I am “trying” to execute the sync procedure/path, I do only get to either sync "other dvice ( as I choose it it then via QR code my "connecting trial of the/via IPhone “JUMPS” after the scan to “safari, only = End-of-story” … -_- …

  • MacBook Air: If try the “other way” via sync code/chain code words" it does not get "accepted/processed - instead the "brave browser on desk is “shutting down COMPLETELY!?”

Funny-not funny FACTS: There seems to be no difference if I type THE 100 % correctly typed sync chain code words in manually or copy-paste to be sure - I read them already to be sure that I can be sure approx. 36 times - from my side I am doing things the “right way” but I am ending up in a “right-negative-situation” … -_- … as I actually just want to be able to transfer/connect the BAT tokens on my iPhone with the brave browser on my MacBook to THEN transfer/connect them with my uphold account AS WELL, like it “works already woith the main/macBook-brave browser … !”

BIG THANKS in advance for your support … !!! … David_1101

Hi @David_1101, welcome to Community!

There are some know issues with Sync and we’re working to address it.
Also, You may not know but Sync has been disabled in the most recent desktop update.

We appreciate your patience as we’re working to get Sync back up and running properly.

… BIG THANKS* for your sincere INFO," dear Aa-ron … -_- …

here’s a/the/my CC FYI/our mutual communication’s circle … :

… alright & I understand, dear Mattches

FYI: Even by “having constanty monitoring any update necassities_and then updating straight away” - it still keeps crashing and/or not “accepting/processing” the sync phrase, etc. …

I am therefore “for the moment” awaiting the “evolution’ary” brave-development that surely* will lead to an App that enables to implement/direct the accumulated mobile BAT to the uphold account in a “direct way” like it already "works with/by the MacOS BAT >>> uphold … -_- …

I am THANKing you for your mindful responding & sincere explanations … !!! …

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