Sync disallows and reverts bookmark changes

Sync disallows and reverts bookmark changes. I have a desktop PC, a VM, and a mobile device sync’d. The way Sync works on Chrome is it’s a cloud storage thing. I can go in there and modify it by any device and all devices will update. But the way Brave is treating Sync is like a primary/secondary situation where the desktop can make changes but any change on another device are discarded and not sync’d.

I sync’d brave on my desktop, a VM, and an IOS device. I made bookmark changes on the VM, by moving a bookmark on the bookmarks bar to a folder. Within a short amount of time, the bookmark I’d moved appears back on the bookmarks bar. Happens multiple times. I am now unable to modify my bookmarks on the VM because they keep going back to what the primary, the desktop, has.

Expected result:

Version 1.11.101 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Brave seems much lighter/faster and better at popups than Chrome, but this issue is critical to overall functionality. This makes Brave Sync useless to me, and by extension, Brave, because I need that functionality which works in Chrome but not Brave, and may have to go back to Chrome if unfixed. Untested if this is happening on mobile devices’ Brave.

Sync v1 has been disabled by default for a long while now while waiting for sync v2 to reach the codebase… V2 not expected til August…

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This morning I found the bookmark I’d moved on the primary computer had returned to its’ original spot too, so Sync v1 doesn’t even create a primary/secondary situation. It merely doesn’t allow you to make changes to your own bookmark file once sync’d. Lol. No wonder they are getting rid of it.

Is there a stable version of Brave with Sync v2 I can get or is that nightly thing the only way?

Is there a stable version of Brave with Sync v2 I can get or is that nightly thing the only way?

Only nightly now… You can try the beta to see if it has it… i don’t know though…

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