Sync code expired (hacked)

My pc was hacked so I factory reset it and my sync code expired without me knowing and there’s seemingly no way to recover my stuff

Settings->Sync->Start using sync->I have a sync code->paste sync code(expired)

any time i try

version v1.61.120

TECHNICALLY 1 since its the same pc but it would show 1-2 I think

I’ve had the code saved since may 2023 and its been working fine but it just had to expire the one time I actually need it :sob:
Hopefully there’s a way to recover my stuff since I’ve had it for almost 2 years or more

Not to add new devices. It’s been over a year now (maybe even 2+ years) where the sync phrase changes every 24 hours.

Think it might still be possible. But then once you get your passwords, I’d delete the sync chain and then change all your passwords. If your PC was hacked, then is a chance they could have gotten your info. At least, always is good to assume the worst case scenario. So if truly hacked, have to assume it’s compromised.

Btw, solution is in the link below. I just like to encourage/force people to read through the warning before getting straight to the answer.