Sync-Code Changes? How to fix


Hi, I had a problem with importing my data on a new device.

I was able to do it manually but my “sync-code” didn’t work.

For some reason, the last word changed from the first time I saved it.

This is a big deal for me because I thought the sync-code to recover all my data would never change.

Is this meant to happen?

How can I make sure my sync code never changes?

If it’s not possible, is there any other way to store my data without risking losing it?

I use Brave on 2-3 devices and I don’t want to rely on the “manual connection” only. If I lose access to those I lose everything.

Brave Version v1.51.118

Additional Information:

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Does it change daily or in other specific time frames?

Is there a way to make it change only after 1 use (and not at specific time frames)?

The only word that changes daily in the sync code is the last/25th word.

You can easily find it here:

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@ViktorVI Emi provided a link for you, but want to link you to: Sync is not a backup

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