Sync chain - device which is no longer mine (sold device)

Hi there,

I can’t delete my iPad from sync chain.
I sold this iPad few weeks ago, I’m sure that I reset to factory settings, but I didn’t delete it from brave sync chain.
Is it dangerous for me? Is any other way to delete this device?

Adnotacja 2022-06-03 184910

Strange that you don’t have the option to remove it (x on the right-hand side next to the device). I’ll look into this. That said, if you reset the device to factory then there shouldn’t be any danger for you. Even if the new owner of the iPad were to download Brave on the device, they would still need to re-add the device to the Sync chain, which is not possible unless they have the Sync code words/QR code that only you have access to.

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FYI The following information is from a previous post that may help.

The trashcan is not displayed if the browser version is less than v1.18.19 which is very old. Prior to this version browser does not support self-delete, so there is no trashcan icon next to such devices.

In your case I doubt you had such old version, but I don’t understand why happens. You can check it at brave://sync-internals/ => Sync Node Browser tab => Device info => choose your device => check MTIME field, it corresponds to the last time when the device was active, and chrome_version field to check the version. This may help to understand why there is no trashcan button.
Source: I got a laptop stolen and now I cannot remove that device from the Sync chain