Sync Chain December 2022

Have a new IOS mobile device. The sync on laptop and phone both give data to input but neither can receive data. The QR code gives off numbers not the intended results. Help! Thx

@propr Hey there, I have to tell you that I’m a bit lost in reading what you’ve shared. Can we try to backtrack and go a bit more in-depth?

I see you’re mentioning a new iOS device and you were wanting to sync it with your laptop. However, here’s where it “gets muddy” for me.

Were you successfully able to get them on the same sync chain? Like if you go to Sync, do they see each other? For example, here’s the view from Sync on my iPhone. It shows my desktop (Release/nightly), android, and iphone for a total of 4 “devices.”

Then on the bottom, you see permissions. You have to make sure they are active. On laptop, the permissions look a bit different. I’m on Windows, not sure if completely similar on Mac, if that’s what you’re using, but would be:

Key thing here is:

  1. Making sure they see each other on the Sync chain

  2. Making sure permissions are granted on all devices to actually sync information. If one is set to sync passwords but the other isn’t, then you’ll have a problem.

Sorry, I know said a decent amount. But can you confirm all of that is in place? If so and you’re still having issues, could you try to give a deeper description so we can try to better assist?

hi @Saoiray Thanks for responding. I have not been able to get them on the same sync chain. They do not see each other in sync. The QR code leads to numbers that phone wants to call (it’s not a real phone number either). All the permissions are on.

You don’t just scan the QR code. On a phone that is not in a sync chain, you go to SyncI have a sync code → scan QR.

Instructions also at

That is not available on either device

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