Sync "can't confirm sync"

This happens on the dev and the beta version of Brave.

@TheSouthernDuck can you provide more info about your issue?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi well it goes away once I go to the actual sync page but it comes back after I quit the browser… It says that it has a problem with syncing and no matter what i do its still does this.

Hi @TheSouthernDuck, are you still having this issue? Version 0.70.93 fixed it for me. Have you updated lately?

howdy @mpaluta well i did some playing around from digging in the files and deleting the old profile because every time i would login i had another profile pop up. then i noticed the sync wasnt working so i kept trying to delete the browser from the sync and resync and well it basically said it was still there. So i completely deleted every file with the brave included and redownloaded it and it doesnt show my profile picture anymore so i cant really tell to be honest but it seems it has.