Sync cannot work very well after I install Brave with Scoop


I installed the Brave browser with a package manager called Scoop(, and I set sync.


I found that when I open the Brave by the shortcut created by scoop, everything is synced. But if I click the links in other softwares, like links in my Instant Message tool, or link in my Notebook tool, sync will not work, there is nothing at all.


It seems that two shortcut is different: one is the shortcut created by installer, and the other one is default application in windows.

For the shortcut created by installer, the target of shortcut is:
D:\scoop\apps\brave\current\brave.exe --user-data-dir=“D:\scoop\apps\brave\current\User Data”

For the default app used by windows, it seems that it will not use --user-data-dir argument, so it will open Brave with default user data dir. And the device part in sync is like:


Is installing by Scoop not recommended? or the problem is only caused by two user data dir in one machine?

Whatever, I will uninstall Brave by scoop and reinstall it by the official installer. I believe this can solve the problem.