Sync Brave with PC Chrome


G’day Brave Team,

Love the app, particularly the ad blocking.

I do have an request and that is that Brave won’t sync with my PC bookmarks etc (Chrome)
Given that Brave is Chromium based and some other Chromium based browsers have google sync I find it strange that you don’t.
Play Store comments indicate others are asking for it but you don’t seem to respond to those Play Store comments - shame!
Please add syncing with PC browser to your to do list!
Windows 10 / Android 7 / Moto Z Play


Hi @emmsee,

Currently there is a discussion on cross browser sync here Syncing Bookmarks between Different Browsers. You can have a look there and add your comments. For now you can import bookmarks from Chrome on to Brave which will show up under a folder called Imported from Chrome.

I will closing this thread as there is already an existing discussion on cross browser sync.

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