Sync Brave Rewards

Let’s say I moved to different desktop then how would I able to transfer my bat to my current desktop


You might as well give up. Once you’ve had 4 installs you can never use it again.


Only thing you can do is wait for Gemini to come as their next wallet. I believe it is coming soon in August. That will have a 4 device limit too however. Not sure if it will be as bad as Uphold where it is a 4 max lifetime limit. There is no way to transfer your bat to a new computer, unless you totally cloned your HDD/SSD but that would not work if you reformatted due to a virus.


I have one in desktop and one in mobile does this mean I already have 2 installs?


I have creator account of my yt channel can i save bat there ?

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Yes that means you have 2 installs indeed. I have heard that you can supposedly tip yourself, as any BAT earned through ads do not count as the promotion tokens that could otherwise get creator accounts banned. BUT I would not feel comfortable taking that risk. But it is your choice to make, you could tip yourself all your BAT to your creator account.


You can have as many installs as you would like. But you can connect only 4 of them with Uphold. If you have connected your desktop and mobile browser to the same Uphold account then, yes, you have used up 2 out of 4 slots on Uphold.

Self tipping is not encouraged. It can lead to suspension of illegitimate BATs in creators account or ultimately suspension of creators account. However, small amounts are generally paid out.

See these-

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I’m sorry but I didn’t knew about this that Self tip isn’t allowed. I was just wondering thanks


The only reason I did mention the self tipping was this: Also there is an official reddit page where I believe this quote was taken but I cannot find it, the point is it sounds doable in theory, but like I said before that risk is yours to take and if this was me, I would cut my losses and lose my BAT and not risk it. 20 BAT vs 200 future BAT? So not worth it.

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Tipping aside tho, as that is off topic and not relevant. Can you transfer your BAT to your new desktop? No. Unless you are Uphold verified and have it already in the wallet. Otherwise your new desktop will be earning new rewards and if you connect it to Uphold then this would be device 3/4 MAX lifetime limit.

Yeah. This indeed is a good insight

However, this is a 2 year old post when rules against self-tipping only applied to token grants. I can’t say whether they apply to BATs earned through ads, now. @Mattches can clarify.

I think rules are still similar. (6b) in this post has been quoted by many from support team recently also-

This is also useful-

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I got two (2) payouts in my Uphold account this month July. Cause of action: using two browsers in Windows environment.

As for recent acquisition of MacBook Air 2020, I shutdown Windows 10 and switched my dependency to MacOS, also activated Brave Rewards. This means I would, again, be getting two payouts in August cycle.

So, with my first deposit experiment worked, just because I had “leap of faith”, instead of coming and crying wolf in Brave Community Forum: hodl! Be patient, guys and gals.

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