Sync Brave Across Devices

Is it possible to have Brave sync across devices? I use, primarily, a Win10 Desktop but also have a MacBook Pro laptop and just installed Brave on that, but can’t find a way to sync that with this one. I’d rather not have to redo everything I did here. Firefox and Vivaldi both sync effortlessly across all my devices (iPhone and iPad and the MacBook) and that would be a great feature here. What little I’ve seen during searches is old and at least one of the ideas isn’t viable, sync://brave leads to a 404 error. Thanks for advice! :^) gene

Sync is temporarily disabled. Some information can be found here Sync greyed out

I am having the problem that I cant seem to sync with my mobile. Just get a message sync could not be set up [Failed to ferch]. What can i do about this? Also on desktop version there is not even an option to Sync …