Sync bookmarks and browsing history in a configurable way

What is being asked for?

Sync bookmarks and browsing history in a configurable way

Why am I requesting this feature for the Brave Browser Community?

I would like to sync my bookmarks and history with some external service through some protocol like webdav / SMB3.1.1. Many browsers do not have this feature, some browsers are not open source. As I use Brave a lot, I have this proposed feature that would be the synchronization of bookmarks and browsing history in a configurable way

Why use smb/webdav?

  1. Both smb and webdav are network protocols, which allow you to send, receive or share some data and information between different computers.
  2. These protocols are interesting as they are so well known. Most cloud services provide the webdav protocol, this protocol in cloud services is a standard that is widely used. On the other hand, windows computers often use smb 3.0 a lot.
  3. Some do not recommend using smb as some security holes have been discovered recently like the WannaCry virus. People often use webdav because it’s better than smb. Here’s a public discussion of what’s best as an alternative to smb:
  4. Particularly, in my opinion we should use both. Internal networks use smb 3.0 which ensures more security, webdav was also a protocol criticized for some security holes.
  5. I believe that most protocols have some security flaw, but that is resolved with time. The ftp protocol was an interesting network protocol and with many flaws, one alternative that people managed to solve was by creating a new protocol called sftp. The same happened with http which had certain security flaws, people created a new network protocol called https, as it had an additional layer of network security, this is protocol is based on http.
  6. If I want some internal network service, I use smb. Well, part of computers is Windows. If I need to sync to an external service, I use webdav. Which is good protocol for this.

An initial suggestion


Descriptive image:

As you can see in this screenshot, we can see some external services that I can sync my browsing history and bookmarks. Even if you see these external services, this idea is something that can be implemented in the future. The best thing now would be to make only the network protocol available, such as webdav or SMB, to implement this feature of syncing bookmarks and browsing history in a configurable way.

Why is this feature innovative and interesting?

  1. Many end users who use the Brave Browser don’t know about programming, so to say that open source makes things safer for end users, I think is a wrong statement, perhaps false.
  2. We must have mechanisms in addition to the source code to make things secure. One of those ways to make Brave Browser more secure is to tell the user that he can use external services for browsing history and bookmarks. This is optional, that is, he can choose the way he finds it most interesting to use the Brave Browser. If he doesn’t want to use an external service, he can configure Browser Brave to be something default, ie something that will be saved on his machine.
  3. How can I tell if there is no malicious source code instruction or service? One of the ways to make Brave Browser more secure is to isolate some configuration layers. These layers of configuration the user can notice.
  4. Therefore, this should bring more comfort and security to users who use brave browser. Because browsing history and bookmark configuration layers is something the user configures to their liking.


image 2 - firefox


image 3 - example in iCloud


my idea: ui/ux

Image description:

  1. As you guys can see, I can select the protocol that I will synchronize the bookmarks and browsing history as I said before.
  2. Now, I know that Brave isn’t syncing something without me knowing, since I’m the one who configures that part.
  3. If the user does not select any option, everything is saved locally.
  4. This image is illustrative.

img 2


Image description:

  1. User needs to confirm bookmark sync settings, browsing history.
  2. This image is illustrative.

@eljuno Hi, how are you?

  1. How can I know if an idea is valid or no in Brave? For example, I had this idea.
  2. Can you check if this idea is a good one?