Sync BAT between Multiple Devices & Uphold

How do we sync the BAT earned between the BRAVE Browsers I have installed on my Linux and Windows installations (which sounds like it is possible), however, I’ve just signed up with Uphold, and it doesn’t sound like we can sync those separate browser installations with a single Uphold account.

One would think that if the Brave installations can sync between each other, that ONCE that happened, the Brave Browser that is linked with Uphold would sync with THAT account. But if what I have been reading is correct, that isn’t possible.

So, now that I have an Upload account, can I or can I not sync between OS installations?
Obviously I’d want my mobile Brave Browser installs to also sync, but as of the writing of this, that does not seem possible yet either (hopefully it will be coming soon too).

Version 0.68.141 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m really liking the concept of the Brave browser and hope to see it continue to evolve.

Thanks for the assistance.

Hi @HilltopsGM - thanks for taking the time to write in. We don’t yet offer the functionality of syncing mobile wallets with Uphold (coming soon), but you can connect 3 separate PC browser instances to your Uphold account.

Also, your Brave is outdated @HilltopsGM. The latest version is 1.9.x.

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