Switching to Brave from Firefox ESR when PCs are rereshed annually offline

Hi, we use Firefox ESR, currently 91.4 Esr.

There are a dozen or so devices that are refreshed annually. At this point new programs might be installed, others updated, redundant ones removed and so on. Typically, except for emergency security updates things don’t change except on that annual refresh.

All refreshes are done completely offline.

But brave doesn’t seem to have an offline installer. I’ve seen a few questions around asking for offline installers all of which are a couple of years old and the only responses being “no” or “switch to an unstable release”.

Is this still the philosophy?

With all due respect, it seems a little odd to me that a browser that is “privacy” focused requires an internet connect to be available for installation. It also takes away freedom of choice over the version that is installed, among other things. As any competent engineer knows, the latest is not always the best.

We also go through a rigorous test program that takes months. The test PCs are not connected to the internet until the last step in the test program.

Any chance of an offline installer?

You can download offline installers on our Github directly:

You’ll want to download the Standalone setup.

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