Switching my Brave Payments between On/Off cleared the BAT I had just bought



Hi there, I’m using Brave on Windows 10 PC.

So I transferred 1.5 Litecoins into Brave Payments via the “Add Funds” button. After about a half hour the coins were converted and I received my BAT. I was testing out all of the buttons and features and checking and unchecking everything to figure out how everything works and nothing in the Support mentioned that turning On/Off the payments would CLEAR my information! I hadn’t even created a backup yet! I guess that should have been my first priority but there was ZERO warning, no pop-up, nothing. It let me just turn it off and BAM, everything was gone. Is there a way to recover those BAT tokens? I still have the original Litecoin transaction and the address they were sent to. Let me know what I need or who I need to contact to get them back.


Wow, okay this is weird as all hell. So I got up this morning and everything was back even though I did nothing in the interim other than put my comp into sleep mode. So I’m really not sure what happened. I guess I’ll just leave this here because that was definitely a bug. I have no idea WHY it’s back or why toggling that switch made my BAT disappear in the first place but I would expect that the devs would like to know about it since that seems like a really minor fix that would save a lot of headache. If there’re any files I can provide to help them figure out why this happened I’d be happy to provide them.


Hi @gabesweet

We had some server issues which is what caused your BAT to not display. I highly encourage you to back up your Brave wallet if you have not done so already. You can do this by opening the Payments page and clicking on the gear icon. This will open Advanced Settings. There you will see a button for backup your wallet. Click on that and follow the process from there.


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