Switching from Firefox to Brave, is there a way to get that little blue dot on a pinned tab when new activity occurs?


As you see on the image above, that feature is coming from Firefox and it’s very useful : I can see if I have new emails in an instant without manually checkup. I wonder if Brave have the same kind of feature. I’m currently looking for this but I didn’t find anything so far. Maybe there is a special setting in Brave or a specific extension ?

I’m not sure of the answer, but I can do some testing.

What site is that from, ProtonMail?

Yes, it’s from ProtonMail. Actually, I have some pinned tab in Firefox but only saw that blue dot on email tab like Protonmail or Gmail, when a new email come.

OK. Unless anyone else chimes in sooner, I will do some testing and see what I can do on this end.

I didn’t think to ask this earlier: are we sure that isn’t being provided on Firefox thru an extension in that browser?

After some research, I found it’s a Firefox built-in feature since 2019. The blue dot appears when the tab title changes. Thanks for trying to figure out !

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FYI I’m getting the blue dot on tabs for sites that I allow notifications. I don’t know if that is why or not. You can try changing your notifications settings and see if that works for you too.

Weird because notifications are already allowed and I don’t have any blue dot. I tried to reset settings, same result. Tired to allow notifications on all sites by default, same story.

Edit. Hmm I guess you were speaking about Firefox, not Brave ?

No, I am getting the blue dot using Brave. Have you tried clearing history/cache, exiting Brave, and reopening. That seems to solve a lot of users unexpected results for some reason.

I tried everything I could with the same results. Can you show me an image that shows the blue dot and your notifications settings panel ?

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You are definitely not on the right thread.

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Per blue dot, I will snip when I get one. lol I have minimal notifications set for each site I allow. Monitoring reddit now but so far nothing yet. I don’t want to change my settings to allow more, I have this unreasonable fear of changing anything I have that’s working in case I “break” something, especially with Brave… :laughing:

Other snips.


Windows (win10)

Notifications & Actions

Note: I had to turn the window notifications on to receive Brave notification ads. It was the only way they would work. But, I only get Brave ad notifications unless I allow other sites to send notifications. Usually, I will then set to allow notifications only until I close the site. If it doesn’t prompt me, I will clear the permission in brave settings.

Of course, none of this may actually have anything to do with the blue dot… which I still haven’t received again… wish I had thought to take a snip yesterday! lol

I already have the exact same settings as you. Eveything works fine (Win10 notifications, sounds, etc) but that damn blue dot don’t want to show up.

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BUT, really weird thing is, popped when I had Firefox open at same time… didn’t get with just Brave open even though I had it opened for a couple hours… I know, that can’t happen. Been told this several times by mod. lol

Hopefully JimB1 can help you out! I’ve given my two cents (or less) worth. Initially, just wanted to let you know I had the blue dot and ended up writing a novel. Going to keep tracking this to see how it all turns out. :smiley:

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The payment is still in process.

For most of us, I think we came for ad blocking, security and privacy feature that Brave’s offer to its users. BAT rewards is additional (although it’s one of Brave’s feature) since we are not going to be rich from earning it from Brave Browser. The ad rewards is for users to keep & to tip the content creator since Brave has a different approach for their business model.

If you’re using Brave for the reward only, maybe Brave’s not for you. Because you won’t get much from it.

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Whaaaaat ?! Mate it has nothing to do with Firefox or Brave, it’s a Reddit feature : the favicon changes when you have a new notification ! Anyway thanks for trying :smiley:

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LOL see how much I know! Not much and not surprising. I thought I was contributing! :rofl:

Thanks for letting me know. Hope all goes well for you. :smiley:

Well I’m sure some people didn’t know about that so you actually contributed a lot. So if @JimB1 have a solution I will take it, otherwise I’m still looking for a tab management extension.

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Unfortunately, what I was able to turn up just confirmed much of what was already said earlier. Seems this was removed from Chrom* due to user complaints, maybe in 2018-ish.

Did see a bunch of recommendations for this, but I haven’t tried it myself: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blue-dot-replacement/opjidajjikdcpbpbbcmadmignnimecco/

Unfortunately it is permissions-heavy.

I wonder if Chrom* thinking was that this should be a function of OS notifications, or numeric counters in the pinned tab. I’m with you, I think the blue dot is preferable, as I have no desire to remember what my # of unread messages is; but personally I’ve gotten by fine with OS notifications. If you do try the Blue Dot Replacement extension, please let us know how you like it!

BTW, what features are you looking for here? I’ve tried a bunch of these extensions and settled on a few, maybe I can give you some pointers here, but it depends on what you’re looking for.