Switched back to FF after 4 months


Switched back to FF after 4 months because when i start to type in a url in the adress bar i keep getting suggestions of sites i never ever visited before, and sometimes i am too quick to click and i click by misstake those sites.

very very irritating, so I have gone back to Firefox again untill this is fixed


Hi @wowholypriest,

You can disable autosuggestion via Preferences > Search > Search Bar Options.




thanks for the quick answer, i feel stupid now how easy it was to
change that. thank you i start using brave again then, :slight_smile:
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Hello again
So a few days passed well, after doing the change you suggested. But
even now a few days later with the change applied, i am still getting
suggestions to sites i never ever visited before, when typing in
letters in the url adress bar. Not as often but it still comes up now
and again very very very iritating and makes me angry to the point i
cannot have this browser.
I will again go back to Firefox once again until this is fixed
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