Swipe to change tab, Chrome bookmark synchronised

Should have function Swipe to the left/ right on left/ right corner page to change the active Tab (left/ right), and Chrome login/ gmail login to synchronize bookmark, history log from Chrome… Please add

Hi @Java85,

Is this request for desktop or mobile (Android or iOS) version?

For your browser data, you can import your browser data from other browser. Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Import browser data …



I use Android Xiaomi Mipad 4. Android 8.1

I can not find the import function.

By the way, please take a look the Syn function from Chrome desktop, and the Swipe left/right to change the tab active, please



Ah, then this one is for Android. You put this under “Feature Request” so I assume it for desktop.

That import functionality is available on desktop. Brave on Android have no import function. Logged issue here https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/150

In addition, Brave working on mobile sync, this way you can import your browser data on desktop then sync it to mobile.

For swipe feature, is it not working for you? I believe Brave have that feature like describe here https://brave.com/tips-and-tricks-for-brave-on-your-phone/