Swaps from November 2023 never completed

Hi, I made a couple of token swaps with Solana that never went through. I reset my wallet, but they never appeared… Although my SOL balance remains, I can’t use the funds.

@pjl1 oh yeah, I take it this is different than the dropped transaction thing? If so, can you explain more of what you’re encountering here? Like which tokens you swapped and if you have them as visible assets in your Wallet?

I remember swapping for a coin named FRONK in Nov/Dec and more recently for another one in Feb. Since I reset the data in order to allow SOL to transact, I don’t have any ‘proof’ of those swaps. If I try to send the SOL that is technically still stuck in the transfer, It won’t go through.
In other words- My SOL balance is not reflecting my true balance, since I have about 0.4 SOL I cannot use.