Suspicious redirects from (to and

I use Brave with the Duck Duck Go extension.

Suspicious scenario #1
A few weeks ago, when I search the terms “Notion pricing”, instead of showing as a search result, it shows

The page looked identical to the page (although the font wasn’t 100% crisp, slightly blurry instead). Navigating through the other pages on the site (/students, /careers, /mobile etc), it would be logical to assume I was on the website (except for the URL).

Suspicious scenario #2
Today when i searched “Notion pricing”, instead of showing noamsiegel, it’s showing

Same scenario. The rest of the pages look the same, except not quite as crisp.

I’ve tried searching “Notion pricing” on 3 other browsers, but it’s only Brave that has these results.

It’s very strange, and slightly suspicious. Both and are legit individual’s websites.

The most concerning part it’s not just “information pages” but more critical pages (the “download” page and the “sign up” page and the “payment” page all have these domains as the URL).

Before I jump to conclusions, I’d like to get others’ input. I’m curious what results you get when you use Brave and/or DuckDuckGo to search for “Notion pricing”?

Thanks for your input!

PS And apart from clearing my cache, is there anything else I should do to err on the side of caution?

PPS Here are some screenshots. Not sure if they will upload though:

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 9.27.53 am