Suspended Ad notification after clicking

Good morning Brave community. How’s everyone doing? I’m writing today because I received an ad earlier (popped up normally on the lower right hand side), when clicked it opened up to a new tab that said: suspended. Is this normal? I quickly closed the tab. I’m fairly new to Brave and this looked a little sketchy, can anyone clarify why that occurred?

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Well, I’m not sure about that. Unless you have a screenshot of the message.

0 ads received this month… Pretty terrible

If you’re having an issue with Ads, please open your own thread and provide the necessary details for us to troubleshoot – do not hijack other’s threads.

It would be useful to have a screenshot of the page as it appeared on your end. Do you remember what the ad was for, by chance?

Hey Eljuno,
Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot because I closed it quickly. I assumed it was corrupt, being that every other ad I clicked on the bottom right hand corner, opens up to an actual ad. Sorry no screen shot. If it ever happens again, I’ll screen shot it.

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Hello Mattches,

Sorry no screen shot. I have my settings to 5 ads an hour, I don’t recall what it was for. I’m assuming this doesn’t happen often? I’ll def be sure to screen shot it if it happens again.

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