Suspended Account's Rules Need Addressing

Hello Support & Brave Comminuty,

Now I am asking other members if they have had that same issue I am currently experiencing with a " Suspended Account" ( If so plea comment below)

Now Support, I have had my account suspend ( waiting 8 day four a reply). I think it could only possible have happen because I donated to my own BAT account on twitter.

Yes I have Brave on PC, and as most PC owners also have a mobile phone. Everyday I use my PC and my phone, My PC is for more business / online marketing internet use, That includes research and education.

On my Mobile Phone i do some trading,research play crytpo Games, and of cause I also have brave browser. Honestly who would not want it, i control what I see and do. I can also grow my crypto wealth in multiple ways…

The worst part about being suspended the wait and it’s been 8 days now for a reply. ( for the record it is only 114 BAT )
The other problem is I am being punished because their is NO way to send your funds from your mobile to another address. ( I want to keep funds on my Ledger Nano ) and I found that donating to one of my social media channels is the only way I can do this.

Kind Regards

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Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions .

Your case will be reviewed in the order its received and the team will get back to you after your account be reviewed.