Suspended account tokens stolen

My account was suspended and i do not have access to all of my BAT tokens that i earned by watching adds on Brave browser. How do i get my Tokens back? this is out right theft. I earned these Tokens by spending time viewing adds and now Brave can just steal them from me?

You can submit a Rewards Support Ticket at if you believe you’ve done nothing wrong. Brave will investigate and may reinstate your account.

That’s incorrect. Flagged is the same as suspended. What it means is the system has detected unusual activity that is considers abuse of the system, including potential fraud. If you did indeed do something that violated Terms then it was in the agreement that your account could be suspended and you could lose anything you gained. The same thing happens with bank accounts and other places.

They only fully become yours once you take full possession of them. That means getting it withdrawn to Uphold or Gemini. Until then, they exist as what is referred to as vBAT which exists solely on Brave’s ecosystem and they can be lost at any time. For example, they are in the midst of sunsetting vBAT soon. So if you don’t have it moved to a custodial partner, it would all be lost anyway. You can read more about that at

Again, wouldn’t be “stealing from you.” If we assume the system rightfully flagged you, then essentially they would be reclaiming BAT that was stolen from them through fraud, deception, or other means.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you can submit that support ticket if you did nothing wrong and they should reinstate your account.

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