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Hello again, I read that Colombia has been re-enabled so I tried to connect my account again but I keep getting the “Not Supported Region” message, what should I do?

@Eddie_17 Can’t remember if I ever asked before, so sorry if I’ll be making you repeat yourself. Have you ever used a passport or other ID from a country other than Colombia? Only thing to jump at if someone is in a supported region and gets that message, it has tended to be that the person had used identification from another country. Like they are living in Colombia but their passport is from Argentina or something.

no worries, I know you receive/read a lot of messages. And yes, I registered before as Venezuelan and Uphold let me change my ID info to Colombia’s ID (since I moved to this country) in order to keep my account with them. So it seems that Brave can’t see my info updated, or something like that I guess.

You’re talking about the complete KYC/AML stuff, like you taking a picture holding the ID and everything, right? You’re not just talking about updating the address or manually changing the information in your profile?

Yeah, it’s possible. Usually a two-pronged attack is the way to go on this. So would be creating support tickets with both Brave and Uphold. For Uphold, you’ll want to make sure they have your Colombia ID used for KYC and reporting to Brave.

For Brave, you’ll let them know you’ve already contacted in the past and changed whatever it is you changed. If you have any confirmation messages from Uphold, it might be good to include that.

Uphold support ticket =

Brave support ticket =

And once you get a ticket number emailed to you from Brave support ticket, you can try to DM Steeven or SaltyBanana with that ticket number and seeing if they can help.

I won’t make you scroll up, this is what I wrote before

After that I contacted again with uphold support and their answer was this:

"Thank you for reaching back out to us.

We understand, in this case, it’s best to contact Brave directly.

You may want to review Brave’s support page and this is also their main support channel, or browse their FAQ for more details:

If you have any other questions, please reply to this email. We’re always happy to help."

So yes, the KYC was done with all the ID pictures, address docs and all of that, I also contacted Brave support after the changes were made (Your request 150092) but they just sent me a couple of info links.

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Sorry about that. Had just responded to bunch of things, trying to fix dinner, and do a few other little tasks. Just remembered this was a topic from a month or so ago and had multiple people, just wasn’t feeling like going through all 65 things here to sort through it all, lol. I promise I won’t be so lazy in the future!

So yeah, next thing would be contacting Steeven and/or SaltyBanana via DM. Let them know ticket number and see if they can help fix things.

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