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Looks like @Think4170’s issue is now resolved and they have successfully verified with Uphold.

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@steeven my passport is not an US one, I gave ssn to uphold for verification not the passport, but I can log to uphold without an error, the problem when trying to sync brave with uphold.

That wouldn’t have been good enough. You would have had to provide a photo ID of some sort.

Hold a valid government-issued photo ID (Passport, National ID card, or Driver’s license).

  • Take a clear picture of your valid photo ID, where every detail is readable and clear. Ensure the details on your ID match those on your Uphold account (legal name, no nicknames).,for%20at%20least%203%20months.

So what is it you used? I’ve been learning more by watching as questions are asked and answered here. There have been people I spoke with where I said they needed to make sure KYC/AML was done and all information was the same. They said it was but then we’re starting to see some answers similar to yours, that their passport was from a different country or they didn’t submit documentation. If that’s the case, it would mean they never completed KYC/AML or did so under a different region. That would be enough to cause the conflict which would have you unsupported.

I’m just preemptively responding here and sharing, so others seeing this can consider this as well. But on top of that, I’m sincerely curious if you had a photo ID that you submitted and you were able to do a complete KYC/AML with American information or what? But SSN isn’t photo ID, at least not American one.

actually I don’t remember providing any photos, if I gave, it would be a non-US passport, however, uphold said verified Verified on 08/04/2021, (not sure at that time they requested photos) I remember once provided them(uphold) with US electricity bill for reactivating uphold.

Looks like solved for Krisso as well

Seems like another one now.

Not sure what to say. Did you create a support ticket at all? If not, I’d do that. Then also hoping Steeven will follow-up if he hasn’t already sent you a DM or something.

Greetings. My situations is similar to this one. When I first started with uphold I was in Venezuela, I updated my profile with them a couple of months age, since now I live in Colombia, I sent them all they asked for and my info is correctly updated at their side, but I keep getting the same message when I try to reconnect my account

@Eddie_17 awesome, I was just trying to quote yours over here but accidentally quoted it in on something else I meant to write to another person. Happens when I don’t get much sleep and haven’t eaten, lol.

As to your thing though, did you send passport or photo ID that has your information over in Colombia?

yes, I sent my foreing Colombian resident ID to Uphold, since they are not supporting Venezuela anymore and i didn´t want them to close my account because of that, in the meantime I disconnected my brave account to prevent the BAT deposits to be lost. They made the update and now my uphold profile says that Im in Colombia, so I tried to reconnect the uphold account with brave and you know the rest

Good, I know that’s one of the things that can cause issues sometimes. Do you have the ticket number that was given when you created a ticket? If so, might help to respond here with it. Beyond that, will just tag @steeven so he can see you and Region not supported UK account - #33 by wembleykar as two who posted today as issues, and the update given by hutchnd.

I know Steeven has been trying to investigate and find out what’s going on for some who are experiencing issues.

Thanks a lot for your help. yes, here → “Your case number for this ticket is 150092”

@Eddie_17 just o to confirm, when you originally submitted your KYC for Uphold, you had submitted your Venezuelan documentation?

yes, the first time was with Venezuelan ID but then I updated with Colombian ID

This is what I received from Uphold once described the situation​:thinking::thinking:

The problem started here today. My Uphold account is working normally. I was sad today to discover that Brazil is not on the list. :c

I’m worried if this will affect my websites where I’m also registered as a content creator.


Same, looks like last night they had some issues and had to remove it again for a few days. Hopefully it really will be resolved soon.

If Portugal is supported why I can’t get rewards?