Support requests that hide search terms from the URL

Hello, I’m using Brave Search with a focus on privacy, but I’ve encountered a serious error that affects users’ privacy.

If I search for a term like “mc donalds” in Brave Search, the link in the address bar is:

If I do the same search on Duckduckgo, the link will be:

Because in this case GET Requests are enabled by default, but in the Duckduckgo website settings I can change from GET to POST requests, in which the search terms are not included in the URL.

So “mc donalds” search will show the URL has the same POST request feature.

This is very important, because sometimes the user’s own browser or even extensions installed on the browsers read the URLs and thus manage to know the user’s search terms, a clear violation of privacy.

Remembering that Brave Search can be used in any browser, not just Brave, and there have already been reports of browsers that collected the browsing history of their users.

So, to further protect the privacy of your users, please support requests that hide search terms from the URL.

Thank you